Setfords Solicitors

Setfords Solicitors is a nationwide UK top-100 law firm that uses a network consultancy approach to allow its lawyers to work remotely. Its ‘dispersed’ model encourages flexible working practices through the use of technology.

We were asked to design and fit out a technology-driven office to cater for Setfords’ clients that, importantly, provides a space for staff to enjoy and thrive during their day to day work. The client wanted a space that was different, that felt high end and luxurious and focused on the well being of their staff both based on site or using the head office as a client meeting hub.

The space provides over 4 floors of space to work, meet, relax, eat, drink and exercise including an all-day fresh food serving/dining area which doubles as a high end bar area for evening drinks, a gym in the basement known as “The Vault”, cleverly converted from the actual vault area from the original tenant, Lloyds Bank PLC and still containing two working safes and utilising the cage and vault door to solidify the theme.

1086sqm, 11700 sqft